Educational Events and Activities at school


Education is gaining importance as more and more people become literate and well educated in the 21st century. Schools are also undergoing plenty of transformation over the last decade and teaching in schools have evolved considerably. The focus is still on academic subjects like mathematics, science and social sciences, but nowadays events, and extracurricular activities also play a major role in schools. Schools today plan their academic year in such a way that children do not just spend time studying but also participate in a range of activities and events in the school. This gives the children an opportunity to develop different skills and become more equipped to pursue different fields when they grow up.

The following are some of the different types of activities and events in Schools today:

Musical Activities:


Teachers and school authorities plan many events, shows, and conduct many classes that encourage the musical talents of the students. These include music lessons for various instruments, choir, marching bands, singing competitions, musical plays, and even dance classes and talent shows for children who have an interest in these activities.

Plays and Shows:

plays and shows

Schools teach children about the world, its people and unity in diversity. There are many events planned to celebrate festivals, major holidays and different seasons. There are also special events and programs that teachers plan for their students to participate in national holidays. Schools help children re-enact special periods of history, organize special plays created by Shakespeare and other great playwrights. Children are also encouraged to write plays depicting the world that they live in.

Children are at times shown movies and special documentaries that teach them about different aspects of the world and this becomes a fun activity for the children, as watching a movie during school hours are a treat for children.

Environmental Drives:

Environmental Drives

Climate Change is hurting our environment and the rate at which natural disasters are growing every year puts the future of the planet in jeopardy. Teachers teach children the importance of being environmentally friendly as the children are the future generation. Tree planting drives and plays on environmental protection and seminars on how to save the environment are some of the extracurricular activities planned by teachers in this field of study.

Artistic Activities:

Artistic Activities

Many children are very interested in drawing and painting and have a natural artistic talent that schools need to encourage. Besides drawing and painting classes, many schools also have classes and workshops in a different artistic field for the children. This includes animation, graphic design, web designing, fashion design, jewellery design, photography, weaving and sewing.

Quizzing, Language, Writing, Journalism, and Debate:


Teachers help students excel in a range of different fields to help them become smarter, sharper and more qualified candidates for higher studies and their future endeavours. This includes quizzing competitions, quizzing clubs and debate clubs. Many schools also include foreign language training in languages like Spanish, French or German. Some schools have school newspapers that are run by students. This helps the students learn the basics of journalism and also teaches students to build a newspaper and deliver a newspaper for the school every week. There are also writing seminars held for children to help them understand how to write stories, novels, books, and articles helping them articulate their views, thoughts, and opinions in a better way.

Physical Activity and Sports:

Physical Activity

Schools nowadays teach many sports to children like basketball, tennis, hockey, badminton, table tennis, football, volleyball, cricket, swimming etc. There are also other activities that children can participate in or take training in, which includes martial arts and gymnastics. Dance classes, choreography sessions and ballet classes are also included in school curriculums and there are plays, dance shows and fashion shows held in schools to make schooling an enjoyable experience.

Other Events and Activities in Schools:

Events and Activities

There are many events like MUN (Model United Nations), and donation drives for the underprivileged students. Cooking classes, gardening classes, and annual events like sports days, fetes and other such events are part of the overall yearly calendar of activities for the school year. Nowadays, meditation events are also included in many schools.

As mentioned above, besides studies, there are many different activities and events that are part of the school life for children.

As there is a wide choice of events and activities in good schools, children can choose the extracurricular activities that suit them best and then participate in such activities. In the past, usually, there was just an annual sports day and annual cultural day programs once a year in schools; but nowadays, children get an all-round education in schools where they can learn different things besides their studies in school and this helps them grow up to be strong and confident individuals.

Children tend to participate in a wide variety of activities. This is not just for fun but also helps in their higher studies and become successful in life.