Pre-school Teacher

“Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.” —Unknown

Kindergarten is a significant stage in a child’s academic development. It’s the first giant step into the world of learning. The child will be exposed to several new skills throughout the year.  Teaching is a satisfying and rewarding profession; it can be challenging as well. A teacher, to possess the required skills to help every child learn, it’s advisable to qualify herself with an Early Childhood Development degree programme. Pre-school teachers play many roles and these roles require some essential qualities to taste success. While preparing yourself to be a good teacher, there are several inherent characteristics that shape you a great preschool teacher.

Now, let’s see the important traits of a kindergarten teacher:


Passion in teaching CEP

Education is not a field where all can get into and be both successful and satisfied in their career. When a prospective teacher has the true passion for educating young children, only then she can be successful. The positive drive will sustain you through hard times. More than anything else, a preschool teacher must have a passion for what they perform. Teachers who love what they do sincerely feel that they are making a positive difference in a child’s life, which make them feel a sense of accomplishment. Teachers should develop a good rapport and trusting relationships with their students as they influence their student’s life in a huge way.


‘A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.’ —Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Patience in teaching CEP

Along with a relentless passion for teaching, preschool teachers need plenty of patience. Every class consists of students with different developmental skills. Any class would have a mixture of slow learners, overactive and children with behaviour problems, so it takes the patience of teachers to keep the classroom environment balanced and in order. The teacher has to constantly remind and check the children about manners, discipline, and hygiene which are a part of daily routine in classrooms. A patient nature, combined with a sense of humour, helps teachers take the challenges of everyday in stride, while focusing on the end goals


Creativity is an essential component to make learning fun and exciting for the preschool level. It’s the teacher’s utmost duty to keep the children comfortable. The teachers should always try to keep the environment warm and welcoming for better learning atmosphere.

creativity in teacing CEP


 Preschool teachers need to develop effective skills to work with young children and to communicate with them at their level.  It is also very essential that teachers should possess a skill of communicating with parents to discuss about their ward’s needs, skills, problems and achievements. They should also develop a balanced communication skill with their co-teachers, school principal and the management.


Even the best preschool teachers will go off the course throughout the day due to unexpected circumstances or learning hiccups. Even the best planned activity sometimes does not happen the way it was expected to be.   If the teacher is flexible, it can help lessen their stress levels and keep things moving on right track.  By staying cool, the teacher can tackle every kind of educational challenge with poise and grace.


engaging CEP

 Kindergarten teachers carry the pride that they are the ones to introduce children to the world of education. They are often called the “second mothers”. A great teacher is kind, gentle and has a good pleasing personality. Students are attracted towards teachers with a decent and likable personality.


 It is definitely challenging for the kindergarten teachers to match their student’s energy and enthusiasm for learning.  Teachers should make the classroom lively by engaging their students in variety of interesting activities.  Teachers should create an atmosphere where students feel they can enthusiastically participate in classroom activities.


 It’s so interesting to watch children come to school from different societies and family backgrounds with a unique personality and learning style.  Teachers must accept these differences and work with each child’s ability, rather than trying to force the child to adapt to another style.  Any classroom should welcome different cultures, traditions of children to create an open and exciting learning atmosphere.  Teachers should follow to respect differences in culture and environment of students.


 At the preschool level, making the classroom a place where learning is fun can resonate with children for the rest of their lives. Great preschool teachers are dedicated to their students and their career.  Dedicated teachers bring out the best in their students.


 Teachers need to upgrade their knowledge and be updated in their teaching styles.  They must up-skill with all the latest developments in teaching methods and learning styles.  Teachers should be organised with their teaching materials and aids for better instructional activity.


  Teachers should remain confident in dealing with day-to-day situations.  For teachers to be confident in their approach, they should have thorough knowledge about their students in class, behaviour patterns, mood, etc.

Playschool teachers also need to be confident in their curriculum, method of instruction so as to keep the classroom environment active and lively.


Teachers should be bold and sure in their approach and make changes in teaching style.  Teachers need to be courageous enough to be flexible and different to organise unconventional classroom discussions and group activities to suit the learning requirement.


Closing Thought: If you put in your best efforts as a good teacher through all these qualities, there will come a day in every teacher’s life when students cherish their carefree days in school and college.

“A great preschool teacher is remembered and cherished by the students forever!”

Dr.Sreepriya Ashok, Academic Consultant, CEP Global