Teacher recruitment for schools made easy with a smart solution


Teachers, in pursuit of a new job, might think the best place to turn to is the most popular Career portals. This, however, can lead to discrepancies in the desired result. Employers from school don’t always prefer recruiting from universal job portals such as them. It befits to assume that the Schools prefer dedicated websites that help them recruit and analyse the potential of a Teacher. This is the exact reason why Jobs2teach.com was created. India’s first Career platform connecting teachers to schools. With Free registration and profile completion, one can land their desired job.

At the dawn of the digital era, everything it touches changes structure. Be it business, education, entertainment or even the hiring process. This led Jobs2teach.com to embrace this progressive change and design a world-class platform for teachers and schools alike.  At Jobs2teach.com, we believe that placing an adept teacher in a befitting school is all that it takes to transform our future for the better. Our goal is to provide ease of recruitment to schools so they can reach out to the best of quality teachers across geography.

Jobs2teach.com offers teachers a variety of features to convert a coveted job into a reality.  Features such as the CV builder helps to create a resume that is professionally formatted according to a School’s leading standard.  Profile video feature allows schools to asses your presence and confidence. Among that, a profile video helps you to stand out from other candidates. A teacher can also be rated based on the knowledge of their subjects.  A rated Profile with higher scores can snag a recruiter’s attention in seconds. A rating test is also beneficial to schools as it helps weed out the profiles easily whilst saving time. Along with these, they are more features committed to excel a teacher’s first impression.

Thus, with jobs2teach.com whilst one can procure a job they wish for with 5 simple steps (Register, Complete Profile, take the rating test, apply for jobs and get hired), it offers features that are not only pertinent to a School’s recruiter but also helps one set up a professionally ideal virtual personal.

Join us in this noble cause to make our digital recruitment revolution for academic institutions a successful one.