Ultimate Guidelines on Creative Teaching Techniques

Creative Teaching Techniques


Generations have changed and still changing. Teachers and students should update themselves with the latest teaching techniques from time to time. So, we are here to provide some helpful guidelines on this topic; Creative Teaching.

What is Creative Teaching?

The hard challenge for any teacher is capturing every student’s attention, but a trueteacher has the ability to encourage students to dream big. This creates a lasting impression. Creative teaching is the concept by which learning becomes easier for students. Teachers come up with new ideas and creative tools in the classroom for better engagement with the children. For a teacher, teaching children should not only be a job but a passion. A joyful teacher is everyone’s favourite. Instigating innovative thinking in the classroom spreads positivity amongst the students.

The Top New Techniques

Read on to make your teaching further interesting. Here are little guidelines that can help the teachers reinvent their instruction methods.

  • Joyful Teaching

Joyful Learning

The joy of teaching is always the key ingredient in making learning a great experience. The more joyful the teaching, the more enjoyable the classroom would be. Teaching children in an innovative classroom or in an outdoor environment is always attractive to everyone and makes the procedure of teaching joyful.

  • Practicing through tests or exams


Practicing through tests helps children in understanding the test format and time management. Teachers can identify the children to whom more concentration is required. Learning experts say that this is one of the best ways to reinforce learning. Practice testing has been many years of research to back up its effectiveness for teaching. According to the research, it works better. This method is one of the best techniques in Creative teaching.

  • Audio and Video Tools


Audio and video tool is very exciting for the children. It attracts the attention of the children and easy to follow. Audio and video tools keep the children more engaged and help visual learners. It has a powerful impact on the children.

  • Workshops


Workshops and seminars always motivate children. It helps to express themselves and make them more creative. It also creates a positive environment, which brings out the best in children. Workshops also help to understand the potential of each child and allow them to explore more.

  • Learning through Role Plays


Students would be playing a role depends on the theme.

They could give a solo performance or be part of a conversation or interaction. Both alternatives provide the possibility of significant learning. This method is very crucial in the character development of the students. It improves their maturity level and boosts logical understanding about the outer world.

  • Story Telling


Children all over the world love listening to stories. Stories create a very powerful impact in the minds of children; whether at 2 or 20. Teaching by storytelling will enhance their creativity, imagination, and learning. Storytelling technique helps children to recollect the content without much effort. Storytelling can be made more creative by using puppets, role plays, voice modulation, enacting, story wheel etc.

  • Classroom Gaming


Playing games is a great activity for people of all ages. We can introduce and enjoy games to make learning in the classroom a great experience. Classroom games help in improvising the energy level of the students. Classroom gaming keeps the student and teacher fit both mentally and physically. This technique makes the participant more active and helps them to engage more. Gaming strategy is always one of the most adopted creative teaching techniques.

  • Connecting through Effective Communication


Effective communication is the key to connect with the students. Effective communication is not only about talking but also listening. It helps to share the perspective or viewpoint between the learner and the teacher. As said always, communication and interaction are the key solutions to any kind of problems. Communication can be more effective by showing empathy, being friendly and being a good listener. Good interaction helps the children to overcome any difficulties and challenges in learning.