Certificate Course in SPSS

Statistical Package for Social Science — SPSS — is among the most widely used programs/software for statistical analysis in social science.

It is widely used by market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government, education researchers, marketing organizations, psychometrician and many others. In addition to statistical analysis, data management (case selection, file reshaping, creating derived data) and data documentation (a metadata dictionary is stored in the data file) are features of the base software.

The SPSS Program/Course focuses typically on the psychological testing and test construction through the application of statistical concepts for data analysis on SPSS.


The scientific behavioural research and development, generally consists of three phases:

development of tools (tests) or

principles of measurement and

design of the research plans

The course intends to provide a comprehensive and insightful learning of Psychological Testing, right from defining and understanding the concepts to the application of Psychological Testing, where a test is characterized as an objective as well as standardized measure. The course moves beyond just provides information about the process of test construction with practical application and “hands on experience” where the participants will learn how to construct the tests and how to carry out the data analysis through the use of SPSS software. The course also focuses on the practical application of various psychological assessments/tests, citing how beneficial it is to conduct them.


Learn and understand the various concepts of Psychological Testing

Gain practical experience about the Psychological test construction where they will learn the steps involved right from the selection of the topics to development/ construction of the test

Use SPSS software for establishing the Reliability, Validity, Norms and Standardization of the test

Understand the process of making a test reliable and valid

Analyze data with the help of SPSS software

Understand the application of various Psychological testing

Who are the target audience?

Participants who are keen to learn the process of psychological test construction and those with interest in enhancing their knowledge in terms of test construction which can be used for various purpose such as research and for developing measuring tools used in industrial/ clinical settings or for various purposes.

Undergraduate students major in Psychology

Participants who wants to develop their own test for research purpose

MA in Psychology

Research Scholars from humanities background