Human Dynamics Enhancement program

Human Dynamics Enhancement program is a skill building continuous education program to facilitate the learners develop right attitude, skills and behaviour at a very young age.  It is a whole school approach programme intertwined into the totality of educational programme in schools where Human Dynamics does not form a mere appendage of all other skills but would stand out as an over-arching concern of basic importance.  We believe that the school’s learning atmosphere is surcharged with positivity to imbibe and internalize.

CEP-GLOBAL believes in initiating the Human Dynamics Enhancement from a very tender age to help benefit the learners to have a strong foundation for character building and personality development.  

We believe in integration of all the aspects of development of learners; it is the integration of individual’s concern with the society with his/her physical and ecological environment and the diversity within the culture; it is the integration and harmony within self and others around.

It is about teaching the learner how to think about something, to reflect, critically evaluate, appreciate one’s own values and skills and those of others, develop better communication, better decision-making so that the concepts ultimately find their way into behaviours, attitudes and abilities. It is not confined to the cognitive level but covers the affective and behavioural levels

It is our belief that Human Dynamics cannot be developed by forcing the learners.  Experiences and opportunities must be given to internalise, which can be sustained in the long run.  Therefore, to help sustain and endure the learning, we are greatly committed to incorporate integrated team approach methodologies with cooperative and collaborative learning which is interweaved into the curricula for a comprehensive program which brings about a penchant in prosocial predilection and activities.  This facilitates the learners to take cognizance of practising consciously and responsibly.