Institutional Services

  • Teacher Recruitment Services 
  • Teacher Training Programs
  • Teacher Background Verification

Recruitment: We help institutions in hiring talented and qualified teachers. We take away your worries: A meticulous process of sourcing, identifying and selecting the teachers. The process is handled by an expert panel of educators and HR professionals.

Training: They are ready to teach: We have a rigorous training for the teachers to meet the expectations and be classroom ready.

Certification: Personalised selection: We handpick teachers with the qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and the attitude to drive change in your school.

Background Verification: Teacher background verification process is a comprehensive screening of a candidate’s academic qualifications and certifications, work records, legal records, family background, etc.  
Background verification will facilitate the school management to hire qualified and certified teachers to have a positive impact on their school brand reputation and progressive influence on the stakeholders.