Teacher Empowerment Program for Schools

Why do my Teachers need Training? They are already teaching.

You may ask: “Why do my teachers need training? They are already teaching” Are they not teaching well; students are able to get good marks, so why should they get “empowered”?

The answer is simple: Today’s society is highly informed, thanks to the internet, and demands high quality information from the educators and the students want to discuss what they know with the knowledgeable teachers. Hence, it is important to understand that teaching is an evolving skill. Because an effective teacher, like an equally competent student, must constantly learn new skills.

A teacher who keeps pace with this changing world cannot only lead to more engaging classrooms, but can also observe a high interest in students to attend their classes knowing that their minds are stimulated. A teacher who wishes to evolve has to Learn, Unlearn and most importantly Re-Learn.

Through training:

  1. You become a professional. A training course equips a teacher with professional skills to conduct a good class with proper classroom management techniques.
  2. You get to know how a classroom with students of different set of skills and with several tiers of learning capabilities are to be handled.
  3. You learn latest teaching techniques like graphic organizers, mind mapping etc.
  4. You get acquainted with modern technology and usage of gadgets to teach the students.
  5. You get to know modern techniques for assessments and evaluation.
  6. You become “skilled teacher” with a certification.

Teacher Empowerment Program for Schools

Our Expertise:-

  • Image Consulting
  • Classroom Management
  • Effective teaching techniques
  • Inclusive Education
  • Stress Management
  • Effective Assessment Methodologies
  • Use of ICT in schools
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Change Management
  • Social and Emotional Development of children
  • Concept Building in Core Subjects
  • English Language Improvement Program (ELIP)
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Teaching Techniques for Language Teachers
  • Preschool Handholding

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